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Anita Steen-Nordhagen

Contact information:
Anita Steen-Nordhagen
Sagstuveien 6c
1914 Ytre Enebakk

Email: anita_steen@hotmail.com

Latest update:
20.08.20: Planned puppies
10.06.2020: News, Planned puppies
18.04.20: News, born puppies
11.06.19: News, some new pictures of Shaun, Klara and our new addition Nala. Stud dog, planned litter.
02.04.19: Born puppies, news
31.01.19: Planned puppies, news
22.01.2019: New, planned puppies
20.04.2018: News, males, females, in memory
02.01.2018: News, planned pups and born pups.


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