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Puppy from Kennel Mirenzo

Kennel Mirenzo aim to breed dogs that are healthy, stable and loving family members. Therefore, all our dogs are tested for various diseases, and we consider each individual whether they are suitable for breeding. No one can guarantee that the puppy will stay healthy, but we will do our best to ensure that your puppy has the best start.

Our combinations are carefully thought out and we will always keep one or more puppies from the combinations we do, if they are as expected. We go far to get the combinations we want and are therefore often overseas to obtain the lines we think will be the best for our breeding dogs.

When you buy a puppy from us the puppy will have:
* Pre-registered in the Norwegian Kennel Club
*Life assured in Agria
*ID with microchip
*Dewormed several times
*Health checked
*Eye checked
*Blood sample for DNA storage

This will follow with the puppy on delivery:

*Lifelong follow from us
*Puppy pack from us
*Documents which includes health certificate from the veterinarian, purchase contract, insuranse card from Agria and some information from us.

A staffordshire bull terrier from us costs 20 000 NOK

All puppies from us will be well socialized with both adults and children. The puppies will be nurtured in our home environment and will therefore be used to all everyday noises. They will also be involved in several road trips and get stimulated from various activities.

As a puppy buyer from us, we expect that the puppy comes to a safe and stable home where it gets stimulated, cuddles and actvities everyday. We want the puppy buyers who will be active with their dog in the form of various dog sports. To get updates on how it goes with the dog after it has moved, we highly appreciate. We also want you to health check your dog when the time is right, this will help us in further breeding.

We greatly appreciate a personal meeting to become better acquainted with you.

Should there be any more question, don't hesitate to contact us via e-mail.

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